Insightful planning. Objective advice.

Strategic Wealth Partners, LLC is an investment advisory and financial planning firm that aims to provide successful wealth strategies and independent, objective advice to high net worth individuals and institutions. We provide a complete wealth management platform by integrating all elements of a comprehensive strategy including investments, insurance, estate planning and tax counseling.  We work with our clients’ trusted advisors to provide a personalized program.

We place our clients’ interests first by providing solutions and sound, independent-minded investment advice on a transparent open-architecture platform.  We sell no financial products.  We provide financial advice on a fee-for-services basis.  It’s critically important that custody of assets is independent of investment advice.  This principle is central to our core philosophy.  By separating brokerage from investment advisory services, we eliminate any question of dual loyalties.

While some firms try to maximize returns, Strategic Wealth Partners focuses on helping clients achieve realistic short-term and long-term wealth management goals with the least exposure to risk.

At Strategic Wealth Partners our objective is simple:  Provide clients successful wealth strategies; independent, objective advice and best-in-class service.