Insightful Planning. Objective Advice.

Strategic Wealth Partners is an independent wealth management firm founded in 2008. Our firm consists of a team of professionals that offer personalized financial planning and investment advisory services. Our objective is simple: to provide you with successful wealth strategies, independent, objective advice and personalized service that you deserve.

At our core is our fiduciary duty – a legal obligation to put your best interests first. More than just an obligation, our structure allows us to act with the utmost integrity. As a fiduciary, we offer you confidence in knowing that we:

  • Strive to eliminate conflicts of interest
  • Separate financial advice from custody of assets
  • Provide fee-transparency

The Focus PartnershipFocus Financial Partners

In 2014, we joined Focus Financial Partners, a leading partnership of independent, fiduciary wealth management firms. Focus provides superior access to best practices, resources and continuity planning for its partner firms who service individuals, families, employers and institutions with wealth management, benefit and investment consulting services. Focus partner firms maintain their entrepreneurial independence, while they benefit from the synergies, scale, economics and best practices of the market leader to achieve their business objectives. 

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Social Responsibility

We encourage our team members to contribute their time and effort to causes they are passionate about. In addition to a matching gift program, we provide employees time each year to volunteer in the community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a fiduciary? And what exactly does that mean for me?

DD_The-Fiduciary-Standard_websiteYes. We have a legal, “fiduciary” obligation to put your best interests before our own. We do this on an ongoing basis, continually follow your investments and ensure that they meet your needs. Other providers, including brokers, may have a “suitability” obligation, meaning they can recommend a product that is appropriate at the time of purchase, but they have no ongoing responsibility to monitor the investment. Additionally, there may be varied compensation methods used in different investments. We believe in complete transparency of our fees, consistent with our fiduciary responsibilities. When seeking financial advice, it is important to understand this distinction and be aware of any potential conflicts of interest of your provider.

What certifications or qualification does the firm hold?

Certifications held by some of our team members include: CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®), Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®), Certified Investment Management Analyst® (CIMA®), Certified Public Accountant (CPA), and Master of Business Administration (MBA). We attract a diverse team of professionals that have a desire of continuing to deepen their areas of expertise.

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How comprehensive are your financial planning services?

The level of financial planning we provide depends on your needs and level of service. However, we strive to advise you on virtually any financial issue, or connect you with another professional if it’s outside of our scope of services. We typically advise clients on diverse planning areas such as: retirement, education, taxes, insurance, estate, and philanthropy. We understand the importance of making sure each decision fits into your bigger financial picture; that’s why we often say, “The more we know about your situation, the better service we can provide.”

To learn more, please give us a call and ask to speak with a wealth advisor.

How do I know if I should be working with a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)?

The best thing you can do is become familiar with the different types of financial institutions and determine what makes you most comfortable. Some differences in providers may relate to: how an advisor gets paid, the variety of products the advisor is able to recommend, the level of personal interaction, the individual(s) who would be servicing you, the reporting platform, and the complexity of planning the advisor offers.

To discuss your options and determine if the personalized services offered by an RIA make sense for you, please give us a call and ask to speak with a wealth advisor.

How am I charged for your services?

We are fee-only advisors, meaning we generally provide services for an annual fee based upon a percentage of the market value of the assets being managed by the Firm. SWP’s annual fee is prorated and charged quarterly, in advance, based upon the market value of the assets on the last day of the previous quarter (except with respect to the value of investments in certain limited partnerships where billing is quarterly in advance based on the most recently available net asset value provided by the fund manager). The annual fee shall vary depending upon the market value of the Assets Under Management and the type of investment management services to be rendered.

We do not accept commissions of any kind or any other type of compensation from investment providers.

Where will my assets be held?

We have established relationships with premier custodians and are flexible where you custody your assets. By separating custody of assets from advice, we prevent potential conflicts of interest.

How often will I meet with my team?

The frequency with which you meet with your team depends on your needs and preference. We try to set expectations early on in our relationship so that we can foster a relationship truly personalized to you. Typically, we will meet in-person anywhere from one to three times per year, while providing you with the utmost accessibility and responsiveness from your SWP team via email and phone. If you wish to connect with your team remotely, we can utilize a screen sharing/conference call platform to help create a more visual experience. We currently work with clients across the U.S. and can effectively use remote technologies when an in-person meeting is not practical.

How do you work with my other advisors?

We often coordinate strategies with clients’ other advisors, such as accountants, estate planners and insurance providers. We oversee the implementation of the strategies suggested. Depending on the scope of services requested, we also have a vast network of professionals that we can refer to you.

How can I arrange and plan for an initial meeting?

A common first step is to give us a call and ask to speak with a wealth advisor about our services. During the initial conversation, you’ll learn more about what we do and how we operate, and we’ll ask you some questions about your situation and needs. If we both determine that our services and our approach might be a good fit for you, we can set up an in-person meeting at a convenient time and location to get better acquainted.


For Media

Our team can offer expertise on story topics including:

  • Advising non-profits
  • Advising retirement plan sponsors and participants
  • Alternative/private investments
  • Asset allocation
  • Behavioral finance
  • College/education planning
  • Compliance
  • Divorce planning
  • Generational planning issues
  • Goal setting
  • High net worth client needs
  • Long term care insurance
  • Managing investment risk
  • Planning issues for business owners
  • Retirement planning
  • Senior care resources
  • Social Security
  • Tax planning
  • Technology & cybersecurity