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Business Owners

Integrating Your Business into Your Personal Financial Goals

You are exposed to unique opportunities and risks, as you work to integrate your business into your personal financial goals. Your business is likely your largest asset, and it is important to understand how that relates to cash planning and ultimately estate planning. Throughout all stages of your business’ life cycle, you deserve a team of advisors that will help make prudent decisions.

Partnering with SWP

We are here to help simplify the wealth management process and allow you more time to focus on what matters most to you and your family. By collaborating with your other advisors, we develop and implement personalized investment and financial planning strategies, with an emphasis on coordinating cash flow needs for you and your business.

Client Scenario

Managing Wealth from the Sale of the Family Business

Ted and Mary had plans to sell their family business. As such, their financial situation would soon become much more complex with a significant cash influx from the sale. Their plans were clear, and their personal values well-defined. But they needed help prioritizing their goals and understanding the details surrounding their newfound wealth and liquidity.

Key topics to address included:

  • Minimize future estate taxes
  • Give generously to many charities
  • Create a simplified investment plan

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Sale of the Family Business - Family Discussion
Client Scenario: Revisiting the Company 401(k) Plan

Retirement Plan Sponsors

Enhance Your Retirement Plan

Plan features vary greatly from company to company. It is important to consider your unique needs when creating and evaluating your plan. We work with retirement plan sponsors to identify opportunities and areas of improvement throughout your entire plan, as well as provide continuous support and oversight.

Key areas of the retirement plan that we help assess include:

  • Platform selection
  • Fiduciary duties
  • Plan expenses
  • Investment selection
  • Participant education

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