Non-Profit Organizations

Non-Profit Organizations

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A Sound Investment Strategy

As a trustee or board member of your non-profit organization, you know that a sound investment strategy is critical to fulfilling your organization’s mission. You also know it is your duty to make decisions that are aligned with the organization’s best interests, such as effective spending and investment policies.

To support the success of your organization, a team of advisors can help you by applying deep investment knowledge and experience.

Partnering with SWP

Together, we engage in discussions about your investment organization’s goals, risk tolerance, spending and saving plans, as well as any other characteristics that make your organization unique.

After developing an intimate understanding of your situation, we create, implement and monitor a customized investment strategy. Part of that process is making sure your trustees and board members are properly informed of the long-term plan.

Based on your needs, we can assist with:

  • Drafting or revising your investment policy statement
  • Determining an appropriate asset allocation strategy
  • Investment selection and implementation
  • Performance reporting
  • Ongoing consultation and education