Investment Advisory

Investment Advisory

How We Invest For You

As a “manager of managers,” Strategic Wealth Partners offers access to investment strategies and managers that are experts in their areas. We can personalize your portfolio to include a combination of managers, depending on your unique situation. To reduce conflicts of interest, we employ outside investment vehicles, including separately managed accounts, actively-managed mutual funds, exchange-traded funds and limited partnerships, and have a limited use of individual securities.

Your Best Interests

We sit on the same side of the table as you in that we put your interests ahead of our own. We do not accept any incentive to recommend a certain investment manager or product. As a result, our decision to hire or fire a manager is based solely on what’s best for you.

Manage Risk and Volatility, Not Just Returns

There is little value in chasing the markets like a never-ending roller coaster. We take a prudent approach to meeting your long-term objectives by managing risk and volatility. To accomplish this, we typically focus on diversification, asset allocation and, where appropriate, alternative strategies.

Often Overlooked Due Diligence

We believe the research we conduct on investment managers is uncommon from other advisors. Our SWP Investment Committee regularly evaluates strategies. We are driven by a disciplined and thoughtful approach, while avoiding over-reliance on historical data. We also utilize an additional outside research consultant, Mercer, for both quantitative and qualitative data.