Stop Phishers from Catching You


Stop Phishers from Catching You

Moira Fahey-Ullrich, Principal & Chief Solutions Officer

March 20, 2019

Protecting Yourself from Cybercrime: The First of a Three-Part Series

Would you tell your credit card number to a stranger? Would you give thousands of dollars to a random person on the street? Those may seem like silly questions, but if you are not careful, that’s what you could do online and in your home.

Phishing attacks (where someone poses as a legitimate entity to gain access to your personal information) is expected to be on the rise in 20191. Thankfully, there are cybersecurity best practices that can help keep you from becoming a victim. We’ve compiled a list of some of these practices below:

  • If you have any doubts about the legitimacy of an email, phone call, or text, call the institution’s main phone number to confirm it actually came from them. Make sure you call the institution’s main number listed on their website or your account statement. Never use a phone number listed in the email.
  • Never use a link found in your email to login to financial accounts. Instead, bookmark the institution’s website in your browser and always start from that login page. This ensures that you are entering your credentials in the correct location.
  • Never provide your personal identifying information or passwords over unsecured email. Most institutions, including Strategic Wealth Partners, will never ask you to provide passwords or personal identifying information over email.
  • If you are not expecting an email requesting information; consider it suspicious. Never click on any links or attachments from suspicious emails.

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