Retirement Plan Sponsors

Enhance Your Retirement Plan

The retirement plan is a helpful tool used to attract and retain employees. Most companies share some other objectives with respect to their retirement plans – control costs, simplify internal administration and provide good investment options for their employees. However, plan features vary greatly from company to company.  It is important to consider your unique needs when creating and evaluating your plan.

Investment selection is just one area in which we can add value. Our process is personalized and holistic. Together, we work to identify opportunities and areas of improvement throughout your entire plan, as well as provide continuous support and oversight.

A Platform Tailored to You

We often hear that retirement plan sponsors “don’t know what they don’t know.” Given the broad array of options available, it is not realistic to expect you to have broad expertise all on your own. There are many record keeping and administrative platforms to choose from.  Service providers are constantly improving their offerings. It is quite possible that your plan could run better on a different platform – one that’s less expensive, more technologically advanced and custom-tailored to your needs. As your objective advisor, we help you analyze your options and select a platform that is in your best interests.

Share Your Responsibilities

Understanding your fiduciary duties under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) can be confusing. Failure to do so can leave you personally liable. We’re here to help you relieve that burden. As your plan fiduciary, we are your knowledgeable resource to help you make decisions that are in the best interests of your employees and their beneficiaries.

Meeting Your Fiduciary Responsibilities (U.S. Department of Labor)

Fee Transparency

As a plan sponsor, a key fiduciary responsibility of yours is understanding the fees that you are paying to your plan’s various service providers. So it is important that you have full transparency of the charges. While service providers are required to disclose their fees, the methods in which these fees are disclosed are often difficult to understand. We help analyze your plan’s fees and explain them in terms that are easily understood.

Controlled Expenses

Understanding the fees you are paying is only part of your responsibility. You must also ensure that the fees are reasonable. Often, plan sponsors end up paying more than they need to in fees. We’re here to help you analyze your fees and suggest cost-saving strategies, without sacrificing the quality of your plan.

Objective Approach

Selecting appropriate and diverse investments can help drive the ultimate success of your plan. With so many choices available, you will want to make sure you are receiving objective investment advice. We do not manage any investment products “in-house.*” Our process diligently seeks and evaluates managers with support from an institutional research consultant. We can recommend a wide-variety of investment strategies that would be appropriate for your plan participants.

Reduce Complexity

We have found that plan participants often become overwhelmed with the number of fund choices and are not sure how to know if they are invested appropriately, given their personal situations. Model portfolios and target date funds can help simplify the process and make participants feel more confident in their decisions. If appropriate for your company’s needs, we can utilize these strategies to create portfolios that are diversified, easy-to-use and risk-based to guide participants appropriately.

*Strategic Wealth Partners Group, LLC is the Manager of SWP Strategic Income, LLC (“SWPSI”), a special purpose vehicle established for the purpose of allowing certain clients to invest in an unaffiliated investment adviser’s investment strategy.  SWP is reimbursed for fund-related legal accounting fees. This “administrative fee”, as described in the SWPSI Offering Documents, is outside of its investment advisory fee for its management of SWPSI.

Investing Confidently

Plan participants often struggle to understand the options within their plan. We’re here to help your plan participants feel confident in their investments, as well as appreciate the benefit that you are providing.

Based on your needs, we help you effectively communicate the features of the plan and answer plan participants’ questions by providing ongoing education. Through in-person enrollment meetings, consultations and ongoing support, our process is designed to help your participants:

  • Understand the plan features and investments
  • Determine their investment values and goals
  • Realize the importance of saving for their retirement

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